The King's Court Ministries

(.....the house of prayer for all nations - Isaiah 56:7)

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About Us

The King's Court Ministry is a prayer ministry set up to enable all nations of the world benefit from the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To enable all Nations enjoy God’s love.

Our Mission

To bring people around the world together to pray for all Nations (2 Chronicles 7:14-16)

Our Value Statement

We believe that the earth is the Lord’s and God rules over the Nations (Psalm 22:28)

How the Ministry operates

The King’s Court Ministry is a prayer ministry with focus on praying for Nations and their leadership. It provides web conference fellowship centres, accessible to everyone around the world, where people gather to pray for Nations.

The ministry also accepts and prays on personal prayer requests. Requests are private and highly secured. Only the owners and the ministry's prayer Ministers, who are dedicated to pray over the requests, have access to them.

Registered testimonials of answered prayers are made available to the public to enable people appreciate the works of God.

There is absolutely no charge for praying on requests.